??Crystallization grade protein standard

Protein standard for crystallization studies and applications

Crystallization training and student demos

?Hen egg white source

Purity on the anhydrous basis (w/w) >95%

Purity on the anhydrous basis (w/w) >95%
Synonym: Mucopeptide-N-acetylmuramoylhydrolase
Chemical name E.C. (Enzyme Commission) No:
Source: Chicken egg white
Description: White to off-white Granulated Lysozyme·hydrochloride

A very cost-effective and convenient crystallization grade lysozyme (hen egg white). The Lysozyme Kit is a convenient buffer and lysozyme set for teaching, demonstrations or instrumentation setup and validation procedures. The kit features 12 vials with 20 mg of lysozyme and 12 vials of 0.02 M Sodium acetate trihydrate pH 4.6 buffer. To prepare the lysozyme for crystallization, simply add the supplied buffer to the protein. No weighing, no messing with fluffy crystalline powder, no mess, and no variability. Each tube can make up to 1 ml of a 20 mg/ml stock or 200 μl of a 100 mg/ml stock. Twelve sets of tubes and a stable shelf life make this a handy kit to keep in the fridge. Lysozyme is available separately in an 8 g vial of lysozyme powder. To dissolve the powder, use the Lysozyme Crystallization Buffer. For teaching and demonstrations requiring crystals in a short period of time, one should consider the 15-Minute Lysozyme Crystallization Reagent (30% w/v Polyethylene glycol monomethyl ether 5,000, 1.0 M Sodium chloride, 0.05 M Sodium acetate trihydrate pH 4.6). For flexibility, one can also use the Lysozyme Crystallization Buffer stock (1.0 M Sodium acetate trihydrate pH 4.6) or the StockOptions Sodium Acetate buffer kit and 5.0 M Sodium chloride to create custom grid screens and practicals for demonstrating and teaching the fundamentals of optimization of sample concentration and reagent concentration. The Grid Screen Sodium Chloride kit is a convenient kit for demonstrating the effect of varying pH and reagent concentration on the solubility and crystallization of a protein.

15-Minute Lysozyme Crystallization Reagent HR2-805

HR7-110 Lysozyme 8 grams

HR7-108 Lysozyme Kit 12 x 20 mg plus 12 x 1 ml solubilization buffer
HR7-110 Lysozyme 8 g
HR2-805 15-Minute Lysozyme Crystallization Reagent 30% w/v PEG MME 5,000, 1.0 M Sodium chloride, 0.05 M Sodium acetate trihydrate pH 4.6, 100 ml